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Price: $19.95

Age Of Opportunity

Author: Paul Tripp

Publisher: Other

Item #: A192

The teenage years often present difficulty for parents. As a person passes from childhood into adulthood, the transition can be tumultuous.But we should be shocked and saddened by the%2

Price: $22.95

Authentic Beauty

Author: Eric and Leslie Ludy

Publisher: Other

Item #: A311

In a world that seeks to destroy all that is princesslike and feminine within her, that mocks her longing for tender romance and exalts the empty charms of a painted face or a perfect f

Price: $12.50

Beautiful Girlhood

Author: Karen Andreola

Publisher: Other

Item #: A170

This revised 1922 classic offers gentle guidance for preteen and teenage girls on how to become a godly woman. Full of charm and sentiment, it will help mother and daughter establish a comf

Price: $20.95

Boy Meets Girl (Say Hello To Courtship)

Author: Joshua Harris

Publisher: Other

Item #: A194

If you're fed up with self-centered relationships that end in disillusionment, it's time to rethink romance. Finding the loving, committed relationships you want shouldn't mean throwing away

Price: $14.95

Boyhood and Beyond

Author: Bob Schultz

Publisher: Other

Item #: A306

Boys who are on the road to becoming men of honor, courage, and faith will greatly benefit from the heartfelt encouragement and sound advice offered in Boyhood and Beyond. Wisdom and common

Price: $19.95

Buying a House Debt-Free: Equipping Your Son

Author: Teri Maxwell, Steve Maxwell

Publisher: Other

Item #: A217

Buying a home debt-free can seem like a daunting proposition, but in Buying a House Debt-Free: Equipping Your Son, Steve and Teri share how simple it really is. Learn how to%

Price: $14.95

Created for Work

Author: Bob Schultz

Publisher: Other

Item #: A299

All young men should be on the road to developing a healthy attitude toward work. Honest productive work is the backbone of strong families and blessed nations. Bob Schultz's previous book,%2

Price: $24.95

Dating DifferentlyNew

Author: Joshua Engelsma

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A297

We're bombarded with antichristian messages everywhere in life, and from casual hookups to casual sex, our culture's messages on dating are no different.But Christians don't have to

Price: $12.95

Dear Princess: A Book for Girls

Author: Mary Landis

Publisher: Other

Item #: A301

Jesus is calling our dear, young girls to heaven's purity. He wants every one of them to be a princess—a child of the King.Does your heart sing? Do your lips smile? Are

Price: $19.95

Devotions for Sacred ParentingNew

Author: Gary Thomas

Publisher: Zondervan

Item #: A495

Raising children is a sacred calling—and not for the faint of heart. It shapes the parent every bit as much as parents shape their children. In Devotions for Sacred Parenting,

Price: $21.95

Do Hard Things


Publisher: Other

Item #: A319

"Most people don't expect you to understand what we're going to tell you in this book. And even if you understand, they don't expect you to care. And even if you care, they

Price: $21.95

Emotional Purity - An Affair of the Heart

Author: Heather Arnel Paulsen

Publisher: Other

Item #: A298

"Christian singles seem to lack a sense of awareness of how their "innocent" male/female relationships cause a delusion. With the emotional free-for-all we have in Christian single circles, m

Price: $18.95

Fit to Burst

Author: Rachel Jankovic

Publisher: Other

Item #: A140

Abundance, Mayhem, and the Joys of MotherhoodI don't pull punches or hold back in this book, because I am writing to myself as much as to you. If something in this book st

Price: $48.95

For Instruction in Righteousness - A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child-Training

Author: Pam Forster

Publisher: Doorposts

Item #: B892

A topical guide for parents, listing Scripture on over 50 common areas of sin. But it is more than just a topical Bible! Each category includes: what the Bible says should happen to a

Price: $20.95

Give Them Truth

Author: Starr Meade

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A513

How do you prepare children for life?s ups and downs? How do you push back the harmful messages of our culture? How do you give your kids something better?Whether you are a%

God's Design for Sex Series Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Other

God's Design for Sex series helps parents talk openly with their children about sexuality, birth, sex, family, and much more. Each volume in the series targets a specific age group.