For Canadian homeschooling families

Price: $21.95

Dry Bones and Other Fossils

Author: Gary Parker

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H323

Join the Parker family on their annual fossil hunting adventure. Dr. Gary Parker and his wife Mary explain to their children what fossils support Noah's Flood and contradict evolution.T

Price: $20.95

Dinosaurs by Design

Author: Duane Gish, Ph.D.

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H221

Everyone wants to know about dinosaurs! Dinosaurs by Design takes you into the exciting world of dinosaurs to find out what they were really like. Discover how fossils are formed%2

Price: $20.95

Dinosaurs of Eden

Author: Ken Ham

Publisher: Answers in Genesis

Item #: H222

Did you know that we have a written record of the history of the universe, past, present, and future, from One who sees and knows everything? The infinite Creator of the universe ma

Price: $20.95

Dragons of the Deep

Author: N/A

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H223

This one-of-a-kind book will thrill Christians and non-Christians alike, with its emphasis on ancient sea monsters, those fearsome and marvelous creatures that once roamed the oceans. Fro

Price: $24.95

Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs

Author: Master Books

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

Item #: H220

A fascinating presentation on dragons and their biblical connection will shed light on the truth of their existence and connection to the last living dinosaurs. Powerful, fire-breathing, fantastic%