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Price: $21.95

12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

Author: Tony Reinke

Publisher: Crossway

Item #: A303

Do You Control Your Phone—Or Does Your Phone Control You? Within a few years of its unveiling, the smartphone had become part of us, fully integrated into the%2

Price: $21.95

Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave

Author: Edward T. Welch

Publisher: Other

Item #: K635

Finding Hope in the Power of the GospelAddiction is a worship disorder. Will we worship ourselves and our own desires, or will we worship the true God?Scripture

Price: $21.95

Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

Author: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Publisher: Other

Item #: A198

Known for her wisdom, warmth, and knowledge of Scripture, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has encouraged millions through her books, radio programs, and conferences. Now she's back with a legacy w

Price: $33.95

Beholding and Becoming

Author: Ruth Chou Simons

Publisher: N/A

Item #: A552

You are in the process of becoming. Every day is an opportunity to be shaped and formed by what moves your heart…drives your thoughts…captures your gaze. Is it any wonder that where%2

Price: $19.95

Blame it on the Brain

Author: Edward T. Welch

Publisher: Other

Item #: K633

Viewing brain problems through the lens of Scripture, Edward T. Welch distinguishes genuine brain disorders from problems rooted in the heart. Understanding that distinction will enable pastors, co

Price: $15.95

Building Her House

Author: Nancy Wilson

Publisher: Canon Press

Item #: A227

How does a woman build her house? Nancy Wilson begins with the table, remembering how each scratch and stain in the wood chronicles a memory - stories, jokes, questions, concerns, pra

Price: $13.95

Call Upon Me - About The Practice Of Our Prayer

Author: H. Westerink

Publisher: N/A

Item #: K663

This book deals with personal prayer and the practice of our prayer. It says much about the difficulties that arise in prayer and the blessings that go with it. Above all, we see in thi

Price: $15.95

Christ & Culture

Author: Klaas Schilder

Publisher: N/A

Item #: K636

The relation between Jesus Christ and culture should be recognized as a topic of crucial importance in every historical context. It concerns the foundational questions of Christian thought and acti

Price: $14.95

Christian Living in the Home

Author: Jay Adams

Publisher: Other

Item #: K637

Building a strong family is a challenge in the best of times. How much more when marriage is being redefined, biblical approaches to discipline are under constant fire, and "family values%2

Price: $24.95

Created to Draw Near: Our Life as God's Royal PriestsNew

Author: Edward T. Welch

Publisher: Crossway

Item #: N999cdn

You are a royal priest.That Reality Will Change Your LifeHuman beings are wired for connection. We long for deep relationships and real intimacy—both of which reflect%

Price: $26.95

Deeper: Real Change for Real SinnersNew

Author: Dane Ortlund

Publisher: Crossway

Item #: K627

“Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” —2 Peter 3:18How do Christians grow? Few question the call of the Bible to grow in godliness,

Price: $25.95

Depression: Looking Up From The Stubborn Darkness

Author: Edward T. Welch

Publisher: Other

Item #: K634

This book gives real hope for those who struggle with depression, and for the people who love them. Dr. Ed Welch writes compassionately on the complex nature of depression and sheds light o


Depression: The Sun Always Rises

Author: N/A

Publisher: P&R Publishing

Item #: N999dp

*Limited Quantities availableThe periods of depression that we all share can range from having a bad day to grieving the loss of a loved one. Our fallen world harbors a%2

Price: $13.95

Developing a Healthy Prayer Life: 31 Meditations on Communing with God

Author: James W. Beeke, Joel R. Beeke

Publisher: N/A

Item #: K624

Is your prayer life characterized by such things as sincerity, urgency, and delight? Engagement in prayer is a vital part of our communion with God, making a profound impact on our grow

Price: $22.95

Even Better Than Eden: Nine Ways the Bible's Story Changes Everything about Your StoryNew

Author: Nancy Guthrie

Publisher: Crossway

Item #: N999ee

God’s Story Will End Better than It Began . . .Experienced Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie traces 9 themes throughout the Bible, revealing how God’s plan for the new%


Faith that Will Not Change

Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Item #: N999fw

*Limited Quantities availableCan Your Faith Fail? Have you ever stepped out in faith only to later feel that you have failed? If you are like most Christians, at some