For Canadian homeschooling families

Exploring the World Of ... Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

These books are geared to children in approximately grades 6 to 8 although some younger students may enjoy them and certainly older students will. They are all well illustrated and written i

Champions of Discovery Series Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

"In this exciting series from educator/author John Hudson Tiner, short biographies of the world's most gifted thinkers will inspire the leaders of tomorrow." Tiner introduces many great men o

Price: $20.95

Body by Design

Author: Alan L. Gillen

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H303

Defines the basic anatomy and physiology in each of the 11 body systems from a creation viewpoint. Every chapter examines defferent organs and stuctures giving evidence for creation. Ideal for Ch

Price: $22.95

Footprints in the Ash - The Explosive Story of Mount St. Helens

Author: Steve Austin, John Tiner

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H316

How could the explosion of Mount St. Helens in 1980 give evidence crucial to the Genesis flood? Find out in this fascinating book that includes many photographs.

Made by God - I Can Read Books SeriesFeaturedNew

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

I Can Read! BooksThe exciting photos and facts show children the wonders of God's creation. Includes simple text perfect for level two readers.

Price: $17.95

Along Came Galileo

Author: Jeanne Bendick

Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books

Item #: BF035

An insightful and delightful look into the life of a courageous man of science. Galileo was a man far ahead of his times and suffered much for daring to speak those things he knew were

Starting with Science Series Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

Filled with bright photographs, the Starting with Science series combines easy-to-do experiments with easy-to-understand explanations. The appealing format makes science fun and approachable for kids. Wi

Price: $49.95

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

Author: Dennis Peterson

Publisher: N/A

Item #: H328

Beautiful and inviting to readers, this book is designed like a museum tour, giving young and old readers alike a visual feast as well as a solid foundation in creation science. From the%

Price: $20.95

The Wonder of it All

Author: Steve Terrill

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H317

The Wonder of it All tells the compelling story of creation through God’s conversation with Job and stunning photography from award-winning nature photographer Steve Terrill. Drawn di

Price: $20.95

How Majestic is Thy Name

Author: Steve Halliday

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

Item #: H325

Combining the most astounding photography with the most terrific information and the most marvelous scripture, this is one of the finest and most elaborate gift books published by New Leaf Pres


Grand Canyon: A Different ViewFeatured

Author: Tom Vail

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H326

Whether gaping at the huge chasm in the earth from the rim, or navigating the waters of the Colorado River below, visitors to the Grand Canyon see a perspective that words can't describ

Price: $20.95

Geology By Design

Author: Carl Froede Jr.

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H292

Peel back the layers of biblical geology. From the acclaimed Creation Research Society, this technical study of rock strata, and the fossils found therein gives a solidly scientific rationale f

Price: $20.95

Flood By Design

Author: Michael Oard

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H294

A thorough and educational exploration of the Genesis floods' effect on the earth's surface. Discover if there really was a flood on the scale described in the Bible __ and what evidence

Price: $20.95

Universe By Design

Author: Danny Faulkner

Publisher: N/A

Item #: H315

Author Danny Faulkner views the stars and planets through a biblical perspective in this unique book. Written for the well-read layman from high school through adult, Universe by Design explores%

Moody Science Dvds Series

Author: Various

Publisher: Various

While this product was filmed 50+ years ago, the truths are ever so applicable to today. Most of them are simple enough for youth to understand and capture the attention of adults. 28 min

Price: $20.95

The New Answers Book 1

Author: Ken Ham

Publisher: Answers in Genesis

Item #: H360

The NEW Answers Book covers such foundational questions as: What about the gap theory? Where did Cain get his wife? and Is there really a God? It also covers topics like natural selec