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God's Design for Heaven and Earth New

The Gods Design Science series is based on a biblical worldview and reveals how science supports the biblical account of creation. Richard and Debbie Lawrence, authors of the series, have a long history of enjoying science. They have both worked as electrical engineers and now Debbie teaches Chemistry and Physics at a homeschool co-op. While homeschooling their children for 16 years, there was almost always a science experiment going on in the kitchen. Today that tradition is being continued with the next generation as the grandkids enjoy Grandma Science Day once a week. The Lawrences also enjoy playing street hockey, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and visiting historical sites around the world.

What's so special about the Master Books edition? This exciting course has been enhanced with the following features:

-The 6 original books plus online downloads are now all combined into just 2 books
-Combined daily schedule for a one-year course (includes material for Our Weather & Water, Our Universe, and Our Planet Earth)
-Each individual lesson sheet on its own page
-Contains a master supply list for each section (weather & water, universe, and planet earth) as well a supply list for each lesson- all with convenient checkboxes
-Additional instructions and formatting on the lesson sheets make it easier for the student to follow and the parent to grade
-The icons used in the student book have been added on the lesson sheets as well
-A point system has been assigned to quizzes and tests
-Separate answer keys for worksheets, quizzes, and tests for each section (weather & water, universe, and planet earth)
-Answer keys contain both questions and answers for convenience
-Includes copies of the glossaries from the student book

God's Design for Heaven and EarthNew

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