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Agricultural Mechanics & Technology Systems

Agricultural Mechanics and Technology Systems presents focused, technically accurate coverage of all major skilled trade disciplines in agricultural contexts, including construction, electricity, welding, and power systems. In addition, the text provides a wealth of information and resources on careers in agricultural mechanics and promotes a deep understanding of supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs) and career development events (CDEs). Agricultural Mechanics and Technology Systems has been designed to support the Power, Structural, and Technical Systems Career Pathway within the National AFNR Career Cluster Content Standards and has been correlated with selected state standards.

~The chapter Trends and Emerging Technologies introduces students to the many high-tech applications of agriculture and agricultural mechanics, including geographic information systems (GIS), telematics, sustainable energy sources, precision agriculture, wireless sensor networks, and the use of drones.

~A chapter on safety and extensive "Safety Notes" cultivate a safety-first mindset and drive home the point that safe work habits are needed in every domain of agricultural mechanics and technology.

~Reading and writing skills are developed by the careful definition and use of technical terms, by "Before You Read" guidance provided at the start of every chapter, and by "Communicating about Ag Mechanics" exercises at the end of every chapter.

~"Hands-on Agriculture" and "STEM and Academic Activities" provide engaging, inquiry-based learning activities for students and provide a bridge between theory and practice.

~To highlight safe, correct, and current practices, high-quality photographs and line art accompany text descriptions on nearly every page of the text.

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