For Canadian homeschooling families

PhotographyCapture to Presentation is designed for use as a first course in the basics of photography, focusing on the application of photographic principles to the field of digital imaging. The text provides a solid knowledge base for the student, covering the essential tools and techniques of photography. Emphasis is on color digital photography to permit concentration on basic skill development, but film cameras and developing techniques are also included. The textbook includes the use of image-editing software and the digital darkroom, with practical examples of techniques for correcting, enhancing, and creatively manipulating images. After learning the fundamentals, the reader learns about photography situations such as action and event photography, outdoor photography, travel photography, and portrait and studio photography.

Table of Contents
The Basics
1. From Pitch to Pixels
2. The Camera System
3. Lenses
4. Light and Exposure
5. Image Capture Media

6. Camera Handling, Care, and Support
7. Making a Picture
8. Making Exposure Decisions
9. Action and Event Photography
10. Outdoor Photography
11. Travel Photography
12. Portrait and Studio Photography
13. Large Format Photography

Digital Postprocessing
14. Image Input and Scanning
15. Digital Darkroom Basics
16. Advanced Digital Darkroom Techniques
17. Image Output and Presentation

Traditional Processing
18. Developing Film
19. Setting up a Darkroom
20. Printing Basics
21. Advanced Printing