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Small Gas Engines

Small Gas Engines explores the principles of small gasoline engine design, construction, and operation. It also presents a detailed overview of small engine maintenance, troubleshooting, service, rebuilding, and repair. In addition, Small Gas Engines includes extensive coverage of outdoor power equipment applications and the specialized service related to each type of equipment.

-The 2012 edition has been extensively reorganized to help improve comprehension.
-Content has been updated throughout the text.
-Engine service information is arranged in a logical sequence, similar to the order in which service and rebuilding procedures are performed.
-New Fundamentals of Electricity, Magnetism, and Electronics chapter introduces students to the basics of electricity and electronics.
-Includes a new Engine Reassembly and Break-In chapter.
-Presents a variety engine types from a wide range of manufacturers.
-All important components are identified and operating principles are fully explained before troubleshooting, service, and repair are discussed.
-Full color is used throughout the text to enhance student comprehension.
-Each chapter includes review questions and activities to reinforce learning.

The expanded teaching package includes a Workbook that reinforces concepts presented in the text and allows students to apply what they have learned.

Small Gas Engines Answer KeyNew

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Small Gas Engines Text 11th edition

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Small Gas Engines Workbook 11th edition

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Small Gas Engines Text & Workbook Bundle

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