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Radisson & des Groseilliers: Fur Traders of the North Belongs to series: In The Footsteps of Explorers

Author: N/A

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing

Item #: J144

Pages: 32

Level: Grade 4, Grade 5

Class: Paperback

Price: $11.95

In the mid 1600s, legendary fur traders Radisson and des Groseilliers were the first Europeans to explore the upper part of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. This exciting book explains how their trade routes helped open up the mid-west of the United States and Canada and how their discoveries led to the creation of the Hudsons Bay Company, the oldest corporation in North America. Young readers will also be fascinated to read about Radissons early kidnapping by the Iroquois. Other topics include:
previous expeditions before their partnership
the rugged life of a voyageur
the League of Friendship
what a Royal Charter for fur trading and exploration was
the fur trade in North America