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Wordly Wise Book 3 (Gr. 6) Set: Student, Key & Test Belongs to series: Wordly Wise

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Publisher: Educators Publishing Service

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Level: Grade 6

Class: Workbook

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Set includes: Student Book, Answer Key & Tests

Wordly Wise, Book 3 is made up of 30 lessons with approximately 12 words in each lesson.

Words taught in Book 3 include procure, somber, uncanny, ajar, expend, liberate, monotonous, taint, reprimand, obsolete, furtive, ardent, sear, and wince.

Comprehension of the vocabulary words is facilitated and reinforced through the four different exercises repeated in each lesson and the chapter reviews.

The original edition of Wordly Wise is also still available, although the tests have gone out of print. It has been preferred by some homeschoolers because it did not include the narrative passage found in the 3000 series editions. As you would expect, graphics and formatting in this edition are dated and there is less use of the accent color. The word lists (different from later editions) require the student to supply the dictionary type material for each listing (located in a glossary in the back of the book).

The A, B, and C books have between 10-12 lessons, each with 8-12 words. Lessons present words and brief definitions, include exercises in word usage, and culminate with a simple crossword puzzle. 12-20 new words are introduced in each lesson in higher levels. Varied exercises give students experience in defining words, including multiple meanings, and using the word in correct context. At each level, Exercise A requires the student to choose the phrase best fitting the meaning of the word as used in a phrase. In exercise B, the student must identify the sentence in which the word is used incorrectly. Exercise C (Levels 1-6) has students replacing italicized word in sentences with one of his vocabulary words, giving practice in actually writing the word in context. Exercises D and E in each lesson review the current and earlier lessons, providing reinforcement of previously studied words (use it or lose it!). In fact, each word occurs subsequently from 5 to 15 times in each book.