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Alpha Omega Consumer Math Belongs to series: Electives - Alpha Omega

Author: N/A

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #: P695

Level: Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Class: Kit

Price: $99.95

Provide your child with practical math skills for everyday use with LIFEPAC Consumer Math for grades 11-12! Topics taught include family finances, taxes, insurance, investments, travel, and a basic math review. Ten easy-to-follow worktexts include step-by-step instructions to build student comprehension.

Teaching self-discipline, LIFEPAC allows your child to learn independently with confidence, and motivating worktexts come as ten individual booklets so your child won't be intimidated by a large textbook. Don't wait any longer. Give your high schooler a firm foundation for building personal finance skills and order LIFEPAC Consumer Math from Alpha Omega Publications today.

This elective is appropriate for students who have completed Algebra I and Geometry.

Unit 1: Creative Arithmetic,
Unit 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents,
Unit 3: Family Finances I,
Unit 4: Family Finances II,
Unit 5: Construction and Building Trades,
Unit 6: Service Occupations,
Unit 7: Transportation,
Unit 8: Business Services,
Unit 9: Occupational Diagrams,
Unit 10: Looking Back