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Alpha Omega Family and Consumer Science Kit Belongs to series: Electives - Alpha Omega

Author: N/A

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #: P420

Level: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Class: Kit

Price: $116.95

Does your child know how to cook a meal, sew his clothes, decorate a room, or care for a baby? With LIFEPAC Family & Consumer Science for grades 7-12, he will! This comprehensive, consumable course includes fun, practical topics every student should know. Interesting topics teach everyday tasks your child will do throughout lifesuch as homemaking skills, cooking, cleaning, decorating, personal finances, child care, and more. This one-year Alpha Omega curriculum also emphasizes the importance of building a Christian home life, good character qualities, and practicing financial freedom. LIFEPAC Family & Consumer Science is the perfect, self-empowering course to add to your high schooler's studies!

But there's more! LIFEPAC Family & Consumer Science is divided into ten individual worktexts to motivate your student to learn! No huge, intimidating textbooks here. And for parents, this must-have course comes with a handy teacher's guide. Filled with helpful information, this resource includes teaching tips, additional enriching activities, and clearly outlined objectives. Plus, this home economics course has flexible, self-paced lessons made for personalized instruction!

(Note: Required resource The Nutritive Value of Foods is included.)

Unit 1: Personal Hygiene and Appearance, Unit 2: What's Cookin?, Unit 3: Let's Eat, Unit 4: The Clothes You Wear, Unit 5: The Clothes You Sew, Unit 6: Interior Decorating, Unit 7: Your Home and You, Unit 8: Financial Freedom, Unit 9: Child Care and Development, Unit 10: Relationships