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Dynamic Math Grade 8 Workbook & Video Bundle (Western Provinces) New Belongs to series: Dynamic Math- Canadian

Author: N/A

Publisher: Dynamic Math

Item #: G228WE

Level: Grade 8

Class: Online Subscription

Price: $99.00

AB/SK/MB/Atlantic/NWT/Nunavut curriculums are covered in the Western Provinces edition.

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Dynamic Math Books teach exactly what is required, assuring that students are learning the exact same content as what's being taught in the classroom.
Where required by provincial curriculums, Coding, Aboriginal Applications and Financial Literacy units are included.
Grade 8 Math topics that are taught include: Pythagorean theorem, Multiplication, Division, Square root, Volume, Probability, Fractions, Integers, Percentages, Geometric Measurements and more.

The video subscription gives you access to all the videos available (which covers Grades 4-10) for one year, so only one subscription is needed per family.

Workbook Features:
- Clear and concise explanations of every topic
- Step-by-step guided examples
- A series of problems for the student to practice the concept they just learned
- Practice tests for each unit
- Answer key for all questions in the book.

Videos at a Glance:
-Dynamic Math videos are available for grades 4-10
-Approximately 50-80 videos per grade covering each topic
- Clear and concise - average video is under 5 mins
- 100% aligned to the provincial curriculum
- Videos match up perfectly with the chapters in our math books
- Access all videos across all grades for one low price
- Students are more confident when doing their homework, and achieve higher grades
- Parents are better equipped to help their child at home and are less frustrated
- Teachers are able to help more students achieve success in their classroom