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Principles of Algebra 2 - Solutions Manual New Belongs to series: Principles of Algebra 2

Author: N/A

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: G583

Pages: 432

Level: Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Class: Paperback

Price: $51.95

Ever wished for a solutions manual that not only showed you the steps used to obtain an answer, but also included explanations of steps that are hard to follow?

This solutions manual is designed with homeschool families in mind and is filled with notes, step-by-step explanations on many problems, and other features to help make grading easier.

Get ready to see algebra like youve never seen it before! This complete Algebra 2 program not only teaches algebra concepts students need; it also shows them why theyre learning those concepts and how algebras very existence points us to a Creator. Theyll see algebra in action, and find their biblical worldview built every step along the way.

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