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Dimensions Math Textbook KA New Belongs to series: Dimensions Math Pre-K-5

Author: N/A

Publisher: Singapore Math

Item #: G850

Level: Kindergarten

Class: Textbook

Price: $16.95

Textbooks develop concepts in increasing levels of abstraction. Each topic is thoughtfully introduced and extended through the use of exploration, play, and opportunities for mastery of skills.

Features & Components:
-Chapter Opener: Each chapter begins with an engaging scenario that stimulates student curiosity in new concepts. This scenario also provides teachers an opportunity to review skills.
-Lesson: Engaging imagery draws students into the concept of each lesson.
-Exercise: A pencil icon at the end of the lesson links to additional practice problems in the corresponding workbook.
-Review: A review of chapter material provides ongoing practice of concepts and skills.

Note: Two textbooks (A and B) for each grade correspond to the two halves of the school year. Answer key not included. Soft cover.