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All About Reading Level 1 Kit - Color Edition Belongs to series: All About Reading

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Publisher: All About Learning Press

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Here's What Your Student Will Learn in Level 1
Your student will learn exciting new concepts, including letter sounds, phonograms, consonant teams, blending, syllables, sight words, consonant blends, plurals, compound words, and much more. Every component of reading is taught: decoding (phonics and structural analysis), vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Below is a sampling in each area.

Phonological Awareness
-Learn techniques for syllable counting
-Isolate sounds in three- and four-letter words
-Practice phonemic substitution

Decoding (Phonics)
-Learn phonograms A-Z, plus TH, SH, CH, CK, NG, NK
-Read short vowel words containing the new phonograms, such as man, set, pup, quack, class, bench, trunk, king, and gasp
-Read words ending in FF, LL, and SS, as in hill and kiss
-Read words with initial blends, as in step and flag
-Read words with final blends, as in next and lost

Decoding (Structural Analysis)
-Read plural words with suffix s or es, such as pigs and lunches
-Read compound words, such as windmill

-Discuss new words in the context of the story and ones own life
-Connect new words to familiar words

-Read with accuracy
-Read with meaningful expression
-Read with natural phrasing

-Connect text to one's own experiences
-Understand dialogue
-Give and discuss opinions
-Set a purpose for reading

Placement for Level 1
Please note that the Level numbers on our books dont refer to grade levels. Our lessons are mastery-based, not grade-level-based. This means that students are placed where they are at ability-wise, not according to age or grade level. So just because the books say Level 1 doesnt meant that it is appropriate for all first graders. Some kids may begin the program in kindergarten, while others may begin at an older age.

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