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Heath and Nutrition Basic Set 2nd Edition -Coming soon!! Belongs to series: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

Author: N/A

Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries

Item #: M100

Level: Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Price: $123.95

This high school health and nutrition curriculum explores the physical, social, mental, and spiritual concepts that are needed for a healthy lifestyle. With detailed illustrations and photos, clear explanations, and enhanced readability, Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition, 2nd edition covers what maturing students need to know to help them make the best choices they can for themselves as they become young adults. With new and updated content, the 2nd edition continues to illuminate for students that health is about stewardship: managing what you have as well as you can. This 15-module course Basic Set includes both a softcover textbook and a spiral-bound notebook. The answer key and exams are included at the online Apologia Book Extras site. This course is for high school credit (1 or 2 semesters tailored to your needs).

Recommend age: grades 8-12 (see Parental Note below).

Basic Set includes both the textbook and a student notebook essential to completing this course.

Parental Note: This is a full health textbook. Some students may not be mature enough to discuss some of the topics. The reproductive systems are covered in detail, including accurate, yet respectful, illustrations and descriptions. We respectfully discuss the act of marriage, sexual misconduct, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. We discuss alcohol and drug abuse, depression, pornography and other topics that also require maturity. Please use your knowledge of your students to decide if this course is appropriate for their maturity levels.