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Essentials 23-30 Set Belongs to series: Essentials

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Publisher: Logic of English

Item #: E473

Level: Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9

Class: Kit

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The new materials you need to teach the last eight lessons of Essentials!

Multi-Level Spelling, Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary

About Essentials, Lessons 23-30

In the last eight lessons of Essentials, students learn the remaining phonograms and spelling rules and apply these concepts, as well as those from previous Essentials lessons, to increasingly complex words. In addition, they learn advanced phonograms, new grammar concepts, new morphemes, and linguistic concepts that shape our spelling and pronunciation such as assimilation of sounds and "shades of sound" - the way sounds in a language can change shape in different sound contexts.

New concepts introduced in Lessons 23-30 include:

-the last four of the 75 basic phonograms
-the last four of the 31 spelling rules
-how to add a suffix to any word
-grammar concepts including linking verbs, helping verbs, verb tense and aspect, sentence types, and compound and complex sentences
-dozens of new prefixes, suffixes, and roots found in words in the 23-30 spelling lists
-nine advanced phonograms taught to all levels, plus eighteen more introduced only in level C
-Three levels of application within each lesson allow you to customize the level of difficulty in order to provide the right level of challenge for each student as you go.

About this set
This set contains the three new items you will need, in addition to your reusable materials from Essentials 1-7, to teach lessons 23-30 of Essentials:

-Essentials 23-30 Teacher's Guide
-Essentials 23-30 Student Workbook
-Morpheme Flash Cards, Lessons 23-30

Other required materials
You will also need the reusable supplements used throughout Essentials, found in the Essentials 1-7 Complete Set (or sold previously in the Essentials Volume 1 Complete Set). The Essentials 23-30 Set is designed for those who have already completed Essentials Lessons 1-22.

Moving through Essentials
Continue to these lessons when you complete Lesson 22, using the same level spelling list and practice activities the student was using in previous lessons.

After you complete Lesson 30, if your student was using the Level A or Level B spelling list, you can repeat the entire curriculum, starting at Lesson 1, moving up to a more advanced level. The second time through, you'll review all the basic concepts more quickly while focusing on applying them to more advanced spelling words and learning new morphemes.

Teaching multiple students?
Order this set, plus an additional workbook for each additional student. Students will also need the Spelling Journals they started in Lessons 1-15.