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Essentials 8-15 Teachers Guide Belongs to series: Essentials

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Publisher: Logic of English

Item #: E477

Class: Hardcover

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Spelling, Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary
Learn Alongside Your Students

Fully scripted lessons and a wealth of teacher resources guide you through every step of teaching the first seven lessons of Essentials! Equip your students for success in reading and spelling as you discover the Logic of English together.

Essentials 8-15 Teachers Guide

Essentials Teachers Guides, the heart of the Essentials curriculum, contain a wealth of tips and resources to equip both veteran and novice teachers to teach Essentials effectively.

This Teacher's Guide:
-includes 8 clear, scripted lessons, each divided into 5 sections
-introduces 12 new spelling rules
-teaches 17 new multi-letter phonograms
-introduces grammar concepts including verbs, possessive -noun adjectives, subject and predicate, comma and capitalization rules, and more
-teaches dozens of new prefixes, suffixes, and roots used in words in the Lesson 8-15 spelling lists

Each Essentials Teacher's Guide features:
Three levels of instruction in every lesson, making it easy to differentiate and teach students at multiple levels simultaneously
-Extensive helps and teacher tips
-Full-color layout
-Comprehensive index
-Phonemic awareness
-Spelling analysis - detailed charts!
-Grammar instruction and practice
-Phonogram and spelling games, instructions included
-Vocabulary instruction with Latin and Greek roots
-Hundreds of engaging activities, extensive reviews, challenge ideas
-Review and assessments in every lesson

More About Essentials
-Discovery-based instruction
-Meaningful practice
-Engaging activities
-Accurate and complete phonics instruction
-75 Basic Phonograms
-31 Spelling Rules
-Advanced Phonograms
-Spelling Analysis helps students develop fluency and mastery
-Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
-Efficient vocabulary development by learning morphemes
-Differentiated instruction with three levels of spelling and vocabulary


-Essentials Lessons 1-7

Continuing through Essentials
In Lessons 8-15 of Essentials, continue the same level of spelling list your student used in Lessons 1-7. Once you complete Lesson 15, continue to Lessons 16-22 and then on to 23-30.

The eight lessons in this volume typically take a quarter to a semester. At a pace of one week per lesson, you will complete all 30 lessons in a school year. At a pace of two weeks per lesson, you will complete about 7 or 8 lessons per semester and about 15 lessons in a school year. Choose whatever pace works best for your students. See scheduling tips.

The entire curriculum, Lessons 1-30, can then be reused up to two additional times at a more advanced level of instruction.