For Canadian homeschooling families

The Dark Heart (4) New Belongs to series: Dinah Harris Mystery Series

Author: Julie Cave

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

Item #: N978

Pages: 288

Class: Paperback

Price: $12.95

Is there a past too awful for even God to forgive? The Dinah Harris mystery series continues....

Angus Whitehalls past never really just stubbornly waited for vengeance. A killer has settled into his small rural community, and no one suspects that the local pastor knows much more than he can say. Crippled by the devastating choices of his youth, Angus watches as those he led astray are methodically punished by someone from their violent, racist past. Unable to forgive himself, now the secrets he has kept are slowly poisoning the family whom he dearly loves. As the devastating consequences of his silence are revealed, former FBI agent Dinah Harris must step outside of the lonely isolation that cocoons her, before she can trap a killer and find peace with herself in the depths of Gods mercy.