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A Checklist for Parents Belongs to series: Doorpost Charts

Author: Pam Forster

Publisher: Doorposts

Item #: B900

Class: Booklet

Price: $7.95

A series of 26 questions designed to help parents examine themselves in light of Gods Word. Questions cover 6 areas of parental responsibility: love, prayer, instruction, protection, provision, and example. Each question is followed by Scripture verses which explain what God requires of us as parents.

Be brave! Use this checklist to help you:

Evaluate your obedience to Gods instructions for parents
-Pinpoint areas of weakness, sin, negligence, or laziness, with the intention of growing toward greater maturity.
-Memorize Scripture that will equip you for your job as parent.
-Discuss your relationship with your children.
-Explain your responsibility to your children.
-Pray for direction in your role as parent.
-Prepare your teenagers for their future job as parents.

Scripture quotations are taken from the English Standard, King James, and New King James translations. 20 pages.