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Essentials 1-7 Teachers Guide Belongs to series: Essentials

Author: Logic of English

Publisher: Logic of English

Item #: E476

Pages: 352

Level: Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9

Class: Hardcover

Price: $65.95

The first seven lessons of Essentials, plus ten optional Pre-Lessons!

Spelling, Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary
Learn Alongside Your Students

Fully scripted lessons and a wealth of teacher resources guide you through every step of teaching the first seven lessons of Essentials! Equip your students for success in reading and spelling as you discover the Logic of English together.

Essentials 1-7 Teachers Guide
Essentials Teachers Guides, the heart of the Essentials curriculum, contain a wealth of tips and resources to equip both veteran and novice teachers to teach Essentials effectively.

This Teacher's Guide includes:
-7 clear, scripted lessons, each divided into 5 parts
-Ten optional Pre-Lessons that introduce phonemic awareness, the A-Z phonograms, and handwriting (in conjunction with The Rhythm of Handwriting)
-17 of the most common multi-letter phonograms
-12 powerful and accurate spelling rules
-Grammar concepts including adjectives, nouns, articles, conjunctions, and singular and plural
-Dozens of prefixes, suffixes, and roots used in words in the Lesson 1-7 spelling lists
-A placement test
-A comprehensive introduction to teaching Essentials, including a detailed tutorial for teaching Spelling Analysis

Each Essentials Teacher's Guide features:
-Three levels of instruction in every lesson, making it easy to differentiate and teach students at multiple levels simultaneously
-Extensive helps and teacher tips
-Full-color layout
-Comprehensive index
-Phonemic awareness
-Spelling analysis - detailed charts!
-Grammar instruction and practice
-Phonogram and spelling games, instructions included
-Vocabulary instruction with Latin and Greek roots
-Hundreds of engaging activities, extensive reviews, challenge ideas
-Review and assessments in every lesson

More About Essentials
-Discovery-based instruction
-Meaningful practice
-Engaging activities
-Accurate and complete phonics instruction
-75 Basic Phonograms
-31 Spelling Rules
-Advanced Phonograms
-Spelling Analysis helps students develop fluency and mastery
-Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
-Efficient vocabulary development by learning morphemes
-Differentiated instruction with three levels of spelling and vocabulary

Essentials is Recommended for
-Ages 8 to adult
-Anyone who wants to learn why English words are spelled the way they are
-As a spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program for Grades 2-6
-Struggling readers age 8 to adult
-Struggling spellers age 8 to adult
-Students with dyslexia
-ELL reading and spelling instruction
-Students who have completed Essentials 1st edition and want to review the material a second time with more advanced spelling words and vocabulary

None. If the student needs handwriting instruction, include The Rhythm of Handwriting (scheduled in the optional Essentials Pre-Lessons).

Continuing through Essentials

Once you finish Lesson 7 of Essentials, continue to Lessons 8-15, 16-22 and 23-30. To teach the rest of Essentials you will need the supplements you used with Lessons 1-7, plus new Teacher's Guides, Student Workbooks, and Morpheme Flash Cards for each set of lessons.

At a pace of one week per lesson, you can complete all 30 lessons in a school year. At a pace of two weeks per lesson, you will complete about 7 or 8 lessons per semester and about 15 lessons in a school year.

The entire curriculum, Lessons 1-30, can then be reused up to two additional times at a more advanced level of instruction.

What else do I need to teach Essentials 1-7?
-Both the Teachers Guide and the Student Workbook are needed to teach Essentials.

You will also want the rest of the instructional supplements included in the Essentials 1-7 Complete Set. These materials are significant components of the program; most are used multiple times in every Essentials lesson. They include:

-Essentials 1-7 Student Workbook
-Spelling Journal
-Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
-Spelling Rule Flash Cards
-Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
-Grammar Flash Cards
-Morpheme Flash Cards, Lessons 1-7
-1 deck of Bookface Phonogram Game Cards
-1 deck of either Cursive or Manuscript Phonogram Game Cards
-Phonogram Game Tiles
-Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference
-Spelling Analysis Card