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All About Spelling Level 4 Complete Package Belongs to series: All About Spelling

Author: Marie Rippel

Publisher: All About Learning Press

Item #: C952

Class: Paperback

Price: $55.95

What will my student learn in Level 4?
In Level 4, your student will continue to learn encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multisensory strategies for spelling, along with exciting new concepts including 12 new phonograms, prefixes, strategies for multisyllable words, abbreviations, and words with unaccented A. Phonological awareness and encoding skills are taught throughout Level 4.
Below is a sampling in each area:

-Learn phonograms TCH, DGE, EW, EI, WR, KN, OR, EIGH, EAR, PH, TI, and OE
-Spell words with prefixes, such as unhappy
-Spell words with the different sounds of Y, such as yellow, myth, shy, and candy
-Spell words with the fourth sound of O, such as second
-Spell words containing unaccented A, such as about and above
-Spell words with the sound of /shun/ spelled TION, such as question

Phonological Awareness
-Learn strategies for spelling the sounds of /j/ and /ch/
-Learn how to add prefixes
-Categorize the four sounds of the letter Y
-Apply spelling strategies to multisyllable words
-Analyze the five ways to spell the sound of /er/
-Learn to spell common abbreviations

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