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All About Spelling Level 4 TE and Student Packet Belongs to series: All About Spelling

Author: Marie Rippel

Publisher: All About Learning Press

Item #: C952

Class: Paperback

Price: $51.95

In Level 4, your student will continue to learn encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multi-sensory strategies for spelling, along with exciting new concepts including 12 new phonograms, prefixes, strategies for multi-syllable words, abbreviations, and words with unaccented A. Phonological awareness and encoding skills are taught throughout Level 4.

In a practical, hands-on way, your student will learn:

-Learn strategies for spelling the sounds of /j/ and /ch/

-Learn how to add prefixes

- Categorize the four sounds of the letter Y

- Apply spelling strategies to multisyllable words

- Analyze the five ways to spell the sound of /er/

- Learn to spell common abbreviations

- Learn phonograms TCH, DGE, EW, EI, WR, KN, OR, EIGH, EAR, PH, TI, and OE

- Spell words with prefixes, such as unhappy

- Spell words with the different sounds of Y, such as yellow, myth, shy, and candy

- Spell words with the fourth sound of O, such as second

- Spell words containing unaccented A, such as about and above

- Spell words with the sound of /shun/ spelled TION, such as question