For Canadian homeschooling families

Life of Fred Elementary Series: Honey Belongs to series: Life of Fred Elementary Series

Author: Stan Schmidt

Publisher: Life of Fred

Item #: G327

Pages: 128

Class: Hardcover

Price: $22.95

This book covers beginning mathematics including . . .

Commutative Law of Multiplication
Closed Under Addition
Quarter of an Hour
Cardinal Numbers
d = rt
One Trillion
1 + 1
Is This a Function?
Long Division
Dividing 56382 by 3
Changing 82614 feet into Yards
Three Reasons to Learn Long Division (Even Though Calculators Exist)
36 Quarters Equals How Many Dollars?
The Fur Times Table
A Disadvantage to Being Married to a Calculator
The Guess-a-Function Game
Hexagons and Octagons
The Big Question in Arithmetic#8212;Do I Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide?
Division by Two-digit Numbers
7xyz + 8xyz
Slope of a Line
and much more . . .

Unlike all other math programs, this one also teaches about:
- A Real Education Is Both Broad and Deep
- Thirty-six Shades of Blue
- Having a Job that Matters
- Developing Character
- Time Zones in the U.S.
- The Milky Way
- Protons in the Observable Universe
- Atoms
- Periodic Table of the Elements
- Varieties of Houses
- Bragging
- Mysteries in Life
- Hip Fractures
- Why English Teachers Have It Rougher Than Math -Teachers
- What Happens When You Squeeze Your Toothpaste Tube Four Times Harder Than Normal
- Reading Graham Greene's The Heart of the Matter in German
- A Balance in Life
- Four Answers to Where Honey Comes From
- Four Answers to Where Do Bees Live
- Why Bees Don't Make Honeycombs in the Shape of Squares
- Smelting Iron Ore
- What You Add to Iron to Make Steel
- Buying Flash Cards vs. Making Them
- How Far the Netherlands Is from Holland
- Becoming an Apiarist
- Farther vs. Further
- Checklist for Starting a Business
- Penciling out a Proposed Business
- Why Not to Become a Typewriter Manufacturer
- The Drawbacks to Ignoring Reality
- Why Fred Can't Get a Credit Card
- Looking Back at Mistakes We Have Made in Life
- The Past Tense of mimic
- What Magic Really Means

The answers are included in the textbook.