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Beowulf Study Guide

Publisher: Progeny Press

Item #: E703

Level: Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Class: Workbook

Price: $36.95

Enjoy learning about one of the earliest English works, Beowulf, as you work through Progeny Press' Christian literature study guide on this epic poem.

Beowulf chronicles a hero's exploits as northern European clans teeter between Christianity and old religions. A monster, Grendel, has attacked the hall of King Hrothgar, bringing death and chaos for 12 years. With boldness and God's help, Beowulf, hero of the Geats, travels to the land of the Danes to repeatedly free them from evil's grasp, burning his name into the pages of history.

This Progeny Press guide includes features about:

The author
Vocabulary, critical thinking, & analysis
Literary Techniques: context, alliteration, kennings, maxims, characterization, Anglo-Saxon boasts, foreshadowing, irony, allusions, comparison/contrast, tone, synonyms, structure, plots, and the role of the hero.
Character Values/Concepts: leadership, authority, fate, boasting, fame, immortality, death, revenge, care for the needy, putting God first, wealth.
Activities/Writing Assignments include mapwork, crosswords, essays, wordsearches, poetry assignments, art, drama, cooking, and other types of exercises. Topics covered include: manuscripts, music, folk heroes, burial mounds, mead halls, swords, runes, dragons, journalism, women in Anglo-Saxon history, architecture, and chain mail.
A living reading list by the same author and other books like Beowulf
The format is ideal for homeschoolers; the large 8.5x11 printed workbook format is convenient to read, easy on the eyes, and easy to transport from car to home. Plus, every question has plenty of whitespace for student's answers, which encourages neat and clean handwriting practice. A removable answer key is also included for the teacher.

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