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Exploring Creation With Biology Microscope Slide Set

Publisher: Home Science Tools

Item #: H615

Price: $109.95

Help students get the most out of their microscope labs with this Apologia Biology Microscope Kit! This kit comes with microscope slides and other items needed for the microscope portion of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology course, 3rd edition.

To make your science experiences more impactful and affordable, we provide an Ascaris (roundworm) slide instead of the more expensive whitefish blastodisc one. Both show animal mitosis, but the Ascaris slide actually shows the stages more clearly!

This kit provides the materials for an essential part of Apologia's Biology course. For an even more well-rounded Apologia biology lab experience, pair this kit with the Dissection Kit for Apologia Biology.

This kit includes the following items:

Individual slides

-Ascaris mitosis
-Allium (onion) root tip
-Amoeba proteus
-Diatoms (marine)
-Ficus (dicot) leaf with vein
-Grantia (sponge) spicules
-Hydra (budding)
-Planaria (injected)
-Ranunculus (dicot) stem
-Ranunculus (dicot) root
-Zea Mays (monocot) stem
-Zea Mays (monocot) root

Other items:

-Iodine solution (Lugol's) 30ml
-Lens cleaning paper, 50/pack
-Methylene blue, 1%, 15 ml
-4 Pipets (medicine droppers)
-Slide Coverslips, student
-12 Plain Glass Slides
-12 Concave Slides