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Soup Night Slapdashery: Cooking for Big Crowds Made Simple

Author: Rebecca Merkle

Publisher: Canon Press

Item #: A130

Pages: 96

Class: Spiral bound

Price: $21.95

Do you want to cook for a large group of people but are overwhelmed by the prospect? Look no further! Make meals that are quick, classy, and easy to assemble.

The need to feed a crowd is a fact of life for many Christian communities, but it doesnt exist anywhere else in the American social scene. Google feed a big group and youll get cute entertainment magazines with suggestions for caviar and souffls for six, or, on the other hand, a mass of gray casseroles requiring only hamburger, cream of mushroom, and crushed Fritos.

Where are the actually delicious recipes for an actually large groupwhether for a regular Bible study or a home group or a school eventwhere you dont have to multiply the recipe by 16?

Thats why Rebekah Merkle has put together these soup night recipes with the scaling, menu, tips, and taste-testing fine-tuned from years in her own home.

If you want to take hospitality seriously but arent sure how, this is the book for you. Its packed with no-nonsense practical advice about grocery runs, best kitchen utensils, soup-night logistics, budget- and time-saving tips, and husband-approved soup recipes (with bread and cinnamon rolls to go with).

Soup Night Slapdashery provides the 16 recipes you need to start practicing hospitality for big crowds. (Yes, regular-batch-sized recipes are included as well.) The great news is this wont take you a week of prep. With this handy cookbook, you can easily feed a crowd with just a few hours of work.