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Faith that Will Not Change

Item #: N999fw

Pages: 50

Class: Booklet


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Can Your Faith Fail? Have you ever stepped out in faith only to later feel that you have failed? If you are like most Christians, at some point in your life, you have questioned the Word God gave you. The truth, however, is that faith is a law and God's laws always work. Many times, we hinder our faith by not properly applying the principles outlined in God's Word.

Faith That Will Not Change is a practical guide to encourage you in your walk with God. In this dynamic book, bestselling author Charles Capps outlines powerful truths that will help you get back on track to walking in the overcoming faith God desires for you to have.

These principles will teach you:

-Why bad things sometimes happen to good people
-Roadblocks that hinder your faith
-Lies the enemy uses to neutralize your faith
-The truth about Job
-How to put your faith into action to produce results in your life
-Plus much more!

God is a generous giver. He has provided the means for you to live a victorious life! Stop allowing the enemy to rob you of God's best for your life. Grab hold of the principles in this book and start walking in Faith That Will Not Change today!