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Our Weather and Water - Set

Author: Richard & Debbie Lawrence

Publisher: Answers in Genesis

Item #: H105set

Pages: 134

Level: Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Class: Paperback


Includes Student Book and Teacher's Supplement. Limited Quantities.

This is an exciting study of the atmosphere and oceans of the planet Earth. In this book you will discover what weather is, how it is caused, and how meteorologists study and predict it. You will also discover God's hand in the design of our oceans and their effect on our weather. Your child can be a junior meteorologist and set up his/her own weather station. 35 lessons. Full-color.

Use this student textbook with the associated teacher guide for teacher instructions, answer keys, and resources.

Gods Design series overview
Elementary and middle schoolers will love the exciting, easy-to-understand, and easily taught lessons in the Gods Design textbooks by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. All twelve books in the Gods Design series are very comprehensive, richly illustrated, and cover material that is often left out of other curricula. Youll love the flexibility of this popular series, which is designed to be used with students ranging from first through eighth grade all at the same time!

In this revised and expanded homeschool curriculum, each full-color textbook provides 35 easy-to-teach lessons that take a fun, hands-on approach kids love. Using ordinary household items for experiments and activities, God's Design approaches all topics from a biblical worldview, showing how science supports the Genesis account of creation.

Best of all, Gods Design textbooks help you teach science from a biblical, creationist perspective, emphasizing Gods handiwork in the world around us. Using the Gods Design curriculum from AiG will help strengthen your students faith by showing how science consistently supports the Bibles written record. Students will learn to think critically and logically examine arguments presented by all sides in the creation/evolution debate.

As homeschool parents who are also trained electrical engineers, Debbie and Richard Lawrence have designed each lesson with ease and excellence in mind. Each lesson begins with a read-aloud section that covers the basic material and is followed by a fun hands-on activity that involves your child and reinforces what you just read. Each lesson ends with review and application questions. In addition to the lessons (35 per text), Gods Design books contain special feature articles that examine the lives of scientists throughout history who have contributed to the subject. Other articles contain fun facts. Finally, each book has a unit project that ties all of the lessons together and reinforces what the student has learned. Good science couldnt be more fun!