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First Farm in the Valley

Publisher: Bethlehem Books

Item #: N00145

Price: $19.95

Six-year-old Anna Pellowskis older siblings, Jacob, Franciszek, Barney, Mary and Pauline are exposed to English at school, but only Polish is spoken at home. The younger childrenAnna, Julian, Anton barely know a word of their new countrys language, but then neither do many of their neighbors. When the family goes to town to celebrate the 100th birthday of the United States, the speaker gives his speech in a mix of German, Polish, Bohemian and Norwegian! Some years before, in the mid 1800s, Annas mother, father and brother Baby Jacob had come from Poland to live in a tiny sod house in Western Wisconsin and establish the very first farm in the entire Latsch Valley. Now the growing family lives in a real house, with neighbors on every side, and the world for quietly curious Anna is filled with fascinating possibilitiesas well as lots of hard work. Sometimes she dreams of going back to the Poland she is always hearing about, but increasingly she realizes that life in Latsch Valley, with its rich cultural rhythm of work, play and religious faith, holds everything she could possibly want.

This is the first book in the Latsch Valley Farm Series. The second book in the series is Winding Valley Farm. The third book in the series is Stairstep Farm.