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Home Educating with Confidence

Item #: A110

Class: Paperback


When Rick and Marilyn Boyer began homeschooling a decade and a half ago, they didn't know what they were getting into. Fifteen years later, they know exactly what they got into, and they love it! In Home Educating with Confidence, the Boyers share what they have learned through their homeschooling experience. They believe learning is a natural function that can happen better at home than anywhere else and that ordinary parents CAN produce extraordinary children! In an anecdotal style they address everything from getting started to planning for college and career.

Me? Homeschool? Yes, you can! say the Boyers, "ordinary parents" who have been educating their 14 children for more than 30 years. Believing that learning happens better at home than anywhere else, they offer you encouraging, practical, "been there" advice to help you teach your children to be all they can be. Chapters include "Starting Right, Staying Right"; "Curriculum Choices"; "Spiritual Training"; and "Socialization." Learn from their experience how you, too, can begin the adventure of "Home Educating with Confidence!" 271 pages, softcover