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1 Corinthians: Creating Order in a New Urban Church New

Author: R. Dean Anderson

Publisher: Pro Ecclesia Publishers

Item #: PE015

Class: Hardcover

Price: $29.95

This commentary is designed to be read as a book, rather than as verse by verse analysis used only as a reference work. For this reason more detailed notes and commentary have been relegated to indented paragraphs in smaller type. The reader who wished only a general exposition can safely skip the more detailed notes. Although Greek and Hebrew text is used, a transliteration is always provided and the text can safely be read with no knowledge of the original languages. References have been kept to a minimum and generally only author's names are given when the passage referenced can easily be located by referring to the information in the bibliography. Where more than one book of a certain author is found in the bibliography, these have been distinguished by superscript numbers, e.g. Anderson2, referring to the bibliographical entry with the same superscript number.