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Colour Pencil By Numbers Art Activity Set - Animals Featured New

Publisher: Royal & Langnickel

Item #: L252

Class: Materials Kit

Price: $24.95

Some of the most popular designs make up the Royal & Langnickel Colour Pencil by Numbers activity sets, so they are sure to be a hit with your customers. Each kit comes with 4 different designs, tools and detailed instructions, making it easy to work on designs at home or on the go.

Color pencils can be an intimidating medium to approach. These kits offer an inexpensive way to practice with them and learn mixing techniques while creating pleasing images that will bolster your confidence. Exactly like a paint by number kit, just fill in the numbered areas with the corresponding color pencil number. In areas with two numbers, use both color pencils and layer.

Art Activity Sets contain:
-four 8" x 10" preprinted boards
-four overlays
-ten color pencils
-and a pencil sharpener.

Sets have an age suggestion of 8+, but note that there are small areas and artists will need to reference the overlay.