For Canadian homeschooling families

Serving in the Sunset

Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers

Item #: N999ss

Pages: 448

Class: Paperback


A Handbook for Compassionate Christian Caregiving

So you have chosen, by the grace of God, to undertake the challenge and opportunity of caring for an elderly relative. What is the first step? This comprehensive handbook for compassionate Christian caregiving is designed to answer many of your questions. It also includes suggestions on how the rest of the family and the local congregation can contribute to this noble undertaking. Serving in the Sunset addresses physical issues such as retirement and the health and safety of older people, along with their spiritual, emotional, and social needs. Other subjects include legal and financial aspects and the challenges of seniors in their declining years. This volume is a compilations of hints and suggestions, of difficulties and struggles, of blessings and rewardscontributed by individuals who were serving in the sunset.

Content Supplied by about fifty contributors.