For Canadian homeschooling families

Reforming Our Families

Item #: N999rf

Pages: 118

Class: Paperback


The Reformation Society of ZA. "In our world and culture today, our children are at risk. Peter and Lenora Hammond provide a much-needed message in this book concerning the temptations and issues that face our children and families and how to successfully combat them. 'Reforming our Families' is a book that is hard-hitting and accurate. Every parent should read this book and meditate on the hundreds of Scripture verses referenced in order to be equipped to successfully wage spiritual battle on behalf of their family. The stakes are too high to sit back and just watch our kids grow up and mix in with the world. This is not sugarcoated psychology. Peter and Lenora present a realistic picture of the culture that is trying to mold and shape the family into its image. They also provide the solution. This book is filled with practical tips on how any loving parent can do their utmost for their children. This book is an important help for parents everywhere."