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Learning the Alphabet of Faith New

Publisher: Pro Ecclesia Publishers

Item #: PE014

Class: Hardcover

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Learning the Alphabet of Faith

How do we as Christians translate the gold of our faith into coins for everyday life?

These 26 sermons - the ABC of Faith - teach that what God's children confess with their mouth and know in their heart must be converted into daily deeds of thankfulness for the gift of salvation. They take us from the A in Amen, through C for Confessing, H for Hope, P for Pray, and W for Wait, to Z for Zeal.

Suitable for personal and family study, as well as for use in church services.

Rev Albert Veldman obtained his B.D. at the Theologische Hogeschool at Kampen, The Netherlands, in 1975. During 37 years of active ministry he has served as minister of the Reformed Church at Oldehove, The Netherlands (1975 - 1979), and of the Reformed Church at Dalfsen, The Netherlands (1979 - 1984). In November 1984 he moved to Australia and served as minister of The Free Reformed Church of Albany (1984 - 2000) and as minister of the Free Reformed Church of Southern River (2000 - 2012).