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Apologia Basic Kit - Mathematics Level 2 New

Author: Kathryn Gomes

Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries

Item #: G245

Level: Grade 2

Price: $114.95

Overview of Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 2

Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 2, is a new homeschool math curriculum from award-winning Apologia. This course is for second grade. The homeschool math curriculum you use in the elementary grades will set the tone for your childs math experience for years to come. Math is not a series of abstract symbols to be memorized but rather a communication tool to be mastered to discover the mysteries of Creation. Just as we communicate our thoughts and feelings with the 26 symbols of our alphabet, mathematical symbols expand on our knowledge of our world and our unique place within it.

What is Included in Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 2, Basic Set

The Basic Set, which includes the spiral bound All-in-One Student Text and Workbook and the Teaching Guide & Answer Key.

Exploring Creation with Mathematics Student All-In-One Student Text and Workbook

This course is a rich introduction to elementary math, Level 1 covers adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers, telling time, manipulating money, and learning more about measurement, data collection, and geometry, including 3D shapes. Hands-on activities are designed to complement each new lesson and keep math fun and engaging. The homeschool math curriculum you use in the elementary grades will set the tone for your childs math experience for years to come. The Exploring Creation with Mathematics series utilizes a mastery approach with lots of review. The author, Kathryn Gomes, connects the topics using a built-in review with the skills practice sections. Hands-on projects introduce and reinforce concepts in a deeper way. The author moves through the material following a specific progression and 4-step approach. Each lesson utilizes problems and projects and begins with a tangible presentation, then moves through a pictorial presentation of the concept, followed by an abstract presentation, and finishes with an application activity. The projects apply math to the students life to foster an appreciation for math and help them look forward to doing math every day.

Inside this course you will find:

-Seeing Our Creator devotionals at the beginning of each unit connect the math concepts your child will learn to God and His creation
-A suggested daily schedule, with thoughtful pacing through concepts that reflect a systematic progression from one skill to the next, is most important for eliminating frustration
-Plenty of skills practice, including fresh and exciting easy-to-set-up games to help ensure that your child is prepared for the next level of math concepts introduced
-Hands-on activities, games, and projects using the provided activity sheets and everyday household products give your child tangible connections to the abstract concepts learned
-Colorful and age-appropriate lesson layouts and page design make learning more inviting for your student
Options and suggestions for adjusting a lesson if your child is struggling or if your child is advancing quickly through the material are provided
-Supply lists, answers to the problems, teaching tips, and suggestions for taking an activity further are also given

Daily Schedule and Supplies
The suggested Daily Schedule included with each course is based on four days a week for 28 weeks. We encourage you to adjust it to the needs of your child and your familys schedule. On average, each lesson takes 30 to 45 minutes. However, this time may vary if your child is taking a hands-on project a little further or is needing a little extra time to complete a skills practice. On a typical day, your student will spend about 5 to 10 minutes reviewing concepts previously learned, participate in a fun hands-on activity that introduces a new concept, and then apply the new concept by working through practice worksheets. You will also need to gather some common household items and purchase a few common math manipulative items to fully use this course. Common household items include things like dry beans for counting. Math manipulatives include items like a base ten block set. A complete list is available for each grade, and materials are reused within different grades as applicable for concepts being taught.

5 Key Components to Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 2

This curriculum is designed around five key components essential to a successful elementary math program. These components were designed based on the authors experience as a math teacher in both the homeschool co-op and school classroom settings:

~FUN! The design of each lesson and the carefully crafted activities present math as an accessible and exciting subject. If students are flipping ahead to see whats next, they will bring enthusiasm and openness to each new lesson. These positive emotions make it easier for their brains to soak up the content.
~Skills Practice. At the elementary level, a sizable part of the content includes math facts that must be memorized. Other skills must be rehearsed over a longer period of time for mastery to occur. Main skills are introduced in each lesson and strategically practiced 5-10 minutes a day.
~Christian Connection. Each unit in Exploring Creation with Mathematics begins with a Seeing Our Creator section that connects God to the concepts the student will be learning. Math is part of creation, and it mirrors aspects of Gods character; His beauty, faithfulness, and love can all be seen when studying math.
~Carefully Crafted Conceptual Content. The progression of each unit is carefully mapped out to offer just the right level of challenge each day. At the end of each unit, students apply what they learned to the fields of art, science, or business through a cumulative project.
~Ease of Use. The structure is simple: each day, complete the lesson & skills practice on the daily schedule. The answer key contains the answers, teachers notes, suggestions for the lessons, and reusable pages you need to complete the course.

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