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Scout Books (all 7) New

Author: Piet Prins

Publisher: Inheritance Publications

Item #: IH187

Class: Book


In The Scout Series, the reader leaps into an era early in the 20th century in the Netherlands in all its beauty. You explore the wondrous Dutch countryside with young Tom, his amazing dog Scout, and his friends Carl and Bert. In this seven-book series by Piet Prins, Tom and his friends help free their village from Nazi occupation, even saving lives! They get to track down smugglers, burglars, and poachers, and just run into all sorts of dangerous adventures. All three young men are solid Christian youth, but remain eagerly adventurous boys. They do their best to obey their parents and live to the glory of God. Yet theyre real and not perfect they experience turmoil of conscience and heart when tempted to do wrong, and learn to walk with God in the daily details of life.

- (1) Secret of the Swamp
- (2) The Haunted Castle
- (3) The Flying Phantom
- (4) The Sailing Sleuths
- (5) The Treasure of Rodensteyn Castle
- (6) The Mystery of the Abandoned Mill
- (7) Scout's Distant Journey