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Great Spelling Empowers Kids
Great spelling is not just about getting high grades, lovely report cards, and academic awards. Its also about confidence and empowerment. When your child can spell well it gives them self confidence. It feels great to be ahead with an essential skill, and fully prepared for success in all other areas.

Step #1: Study The Right Spelling List.
Focusing on the right spelling list saves time and triples the effectiveness of study. With 7spell, you can quickly enter a class list or get shared lists from your friends and teachers. Or to get started quickly, why not use one of 7spells expert lists, perfect for any level, grades 1 to 10.
Step #2: Master Your Spelling List Using Fun Activities.
7spell includes 10 FUN games and activities that make learning any spelling list a breeze. And they really work! The games are based on sound evidence-based educational principles such as levels of processing, operant conditioning, and spaced repetition. 7spell is effective AND fun!
Step #3: Track Progress And See Improvement.
With 7spell, you can see your child improving and they can see it too. You get detailed reports on spelling improvement, time used, and more. The result is a deep sense of satisfaction. When kids see their improvement, they feel motivated, confident, and happy. As a parent you just feel proud.

Its Social. Because Kids Love Social.
7spell includes many of the same social and game-like features that keep kids going back to social media and games. But instead of wasting time on Facebook or playing useless games, they are learning to spell like champions. With 7spell learning is fun, social, and effective.

A Complete Educational Resource
7spell includes dozens more powerful features including a dictionary, worksheet printing, vocabulary building, multimedia, visual tools and more.

The Science Behind 7spell
Depth Of Processing -Studies show that deeper and more varied information on words speeds learning and increases retention.
Spaced Repetition - Each game automatically selects a sub-list of words from the target group to create a spaced repetition effect.
Operant Conditioning- This means that students learn much faster when they are rewarded for the correct answers.
Reward Systems - Students are far more likely to improve their spelling when the experience is fun, engaging, and interesting.

***Up To 5 Users. Perfect For The Whole Family.
Your 7spell access includes accounts for up to 5 users at no additional cost. Each user can install 7spell on multiple computers and has their own individual profile in the cloud. With 7spell the whole family can enjoy the benefits of amazing spelling skills together.

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