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Courage and Conquest - Bundle

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~Courage and Conquest - Courage and Conquest includes exciting living text geared for upper elementary, & doubling in pages from the past edition. Assignments with each lesson introduce the Six Historical Thinking Concepts for critical thinking. Colour time line pictures compliment each lesson. Historical fiction listed for each topic, both in print and out of print for library users.

~Discovering Canada Series by Robert Livesay - This is a delightful set that gets good usage.Great for personal reading or for unit studies. Exciting short stories about characters in Canada's past. Included in each book are projects, games, crosswords and other activities.

~The Kids Book of Canadian History -Canada has a rich and fascinating history. In this informative overview, kids will discover the people, places and events that have shaped our country. Featuring fact boxes, mini-profiles, maps, a timeline and more, this title in the acclaimed Kids Book of series offers a comprehensive and engaging look at Canada's development, change and growth.

~The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration - From Native peoples in search of new hunting grounds to European fishermen out for bigger catches, explorers were drawn to Canada for many reasons. They discovered a vast and mysterious land that took hundreds of years to explore and map. But the story of Canadian exploration is about a lot more than mapping wilderness. With no new lands left to discover, present-day explorers focus on outer space, the ocean and the preservation of Earth's changing ecosystems.