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Canada: Origins, Histories and Movements of People New

Publisher: On the Mark Press

Item #: J619

Level: Grade 7

Class: Workbook

Price: $25.99

This resource has been designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of the Aboriginal, French and English peoples in the history of Canada. Together, through both cooperation and conflict, they forged the foundations of the Canadian Confederation. Each topic is presented in a clear, concise manner which makes the information accessible to struggling learners, but is also appropriate for students performing at or above grade level. Illustrations, maps, and diagrams visually enhance each topic covered and provide support for visual learners. There are two levels of questions for each topic. The questions on the Activity Pages test basic comprehension. Once it has been determined that students have a good basic understanding of the information, they can move on to the Think About It question pages. These pages give students an opportunity for critical thinking. Includes Answer Key. 134 Pgs.