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Survey of Science History & Concepts Bundle New

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: H332

Level: Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

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Four titles from the best-selling Exploring Series are combined for a full year of study as students embark on an engaging exploration of mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry to discover how each affect our lives! In Survey of Science History & Concepts, students will focus on mathematical history and insights, historical discoveries and the latest advances in physics, study the science and order of biology, and explore the basics of chemistry!

Survey of Science History & Concepts Curriculum Pack Includes:

Survey of Science History & Concepts Teacher Guide

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Exploring the World of Mathematics

Examine the world of mathematics as your student discovers how the many advancements and branches of mathematics were developed through the centuries as people encountered problems and relied upon math to solve them. In Exploring the World of Mathematics, your student will:

-Learn what timely invention was tampered with by the Caesars and almost perfected by a pope
-Discover why ten days vanished in September of 1752
-Examine the important invention that caused the world to be divided into time zones
-Explore what common unit of measurement was originally based on the distance from the equator to the North Pole
-Discover why a computer glitch called a bug"
and much more!

Exploring the World of Physics

Discover how the laws of motion and gravity affect everything from the normal activities of everyday life to launching rockets into space! Through simple instruction, students will discover the world of physics as they:

-Find out why a feather and a lump of lead will fall at the same rate in a vacuum
-Learn about the history of physics from Aristotle to Galileo to Isaac Newton to the latest advances
-Learn about the effects of inertia firsthand during fun and informative experiments
and more!

Exploring the World of Biology

In Exploring the World of Biology, students will experience a fascinating look at life - from the smallest proteins and spores, to the complex life systems of humans and animals as they discover:

-How biological classification gives each different type of plant and animal a unique name
-The ways in which seeds spread around the world
-How biologists learned how the stomach digested food
-The plant that gave George de Mestral the idea for Velcro
and more!

Exploring the World of Chemistry

Exploring the World of Chemistry brings science to life as students explore the exciting and fascinating world of chemistry! Through illustrations, biographical information, worksheets, and more students will investigate discoveries and discoverers as they learn why pure gold is not used for jewelry or coins, join Humphry Davy as he makes chemical discoveries and see how those discoveries shortened his life, discover the properties of metals, gas, light, and so much more!

Course Features:

30-45 minutes per lesson, 3-4x per week
Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
Recommended Grade Level: 10th - 12th