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Author: Carrie Bailey

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: C422

Level: Kindergarten

Class: Paperback

Price: $57.95

Too often, our littlest learners are expected to achieve, despite not having reached critical levels of readiness. It is so important that they are taught with an approach that assesses and addresses their stage of development. This course includes helpful tips, games, a biblical focus on lessons from Gods Word and how we can live for Him, ideas for extended learning, and activities, all based on skills developed through play and interaction.

There are 4 areas of focus in each lesson:

-Bible: Biblical stories, character teachings & memory verses with motions
Rhyme Time: Fun poetry, vocabulary words & letter recognition
Life Skills: Weather, emotions, safety/emergencies, hygiene & more
ABC's and More: The Alphabet, learning to write letters & basic reading

A schedule is provided highlighting the instruction for this 3-day-a-week course. A master supply list is also included. The prep page at the beginning of each week provides the lessons focus at a glance.

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