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Highschool Student Planner 2021-2022 Featured New

Publisher: Other

Item #: A160

Class: Spiral bound


By: Premier - School Specialty

Size: 5" x 8"
Layout: Block
Page Count: 152 full-colour pages
August to July Planning:
12 monthly calendars
48 weeks of planning

Why do students love our planners and products?
~Proudly Canadian
~User friendly and age appropriate
~Current, relevant, timely

Why Paper? Smartphones are great, but when it comes to helping students map out their dreams, nothing beats a printed paper planner.
A Hands-On Approach
Writing in, checking off, and updating a paper planner lets students construct their dreams and create a tangible, visual record of the small, measurable steps theyre taking toward their goals.
An Immersive Experience
Our planner layouts guide students through a series of small problem-solving, creative thinking, and organizational steps that will help them reach their biggest goals.
A Way to Engage the Brain
The act of moving the hand to write (rather than type) activates a different part of the brain, strengthening memory and comprehension. When students write it, they remember it!

Canada Matters Planners Key Features & Benefits
-Helps students plan assignments, stay organized and learn lifelong skills using the onTRAC planning process.
-Supports Canadian pride through design, content, and bilingual English/French month/day names.
-Connects planning topics to Canadian content to show students how planning, time management, and organization influenced Canada's development.

Monthly Character Words: Build vocabulary and understanding of positive and emotional principles necessary to develop good character.
Weekly Student Tips: Help students strengthen their bodies, brains, hearts, and souls through health and relationship tips, brain breaks, and mindfulness activities.
Canadian Fun Facts: Discover interesting weekly Canadian facts related to S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math).
Historical Connection: Connect monthly planning themes to significant Canadian historical events or achievements to highlight ways planning, organization, and time management have influenced Canadas growth and development.
Bilingual French/English Month and Day Names: Embrace Canadas dual official languages with month and day names in English and French

Built-In Features: Use built-in page features to support primary and elementary readers, and middle- and high-school students as they create long-term plans.
Design: Interact with the planners functional layout through energizing colour and graphics.

Plus all the standard features available in Premier onTRAC Planners
-onTRAC Planning Process instructs students in the value of planning and of being a self-directed learner
~Goal-Setting Space
~Homework-Recording Space
~Self-Evaluation Question

-Planner User Guide and onTRAC Planning Process Pages
-Vocabulary Words & Definitions (P-E-M-H)
-Level-Specific Resource Pages (P-E-M-H)

For Older Students
-Long-Term Goals Worksheet
-Weekly Hall Pass
-Monthly Mini-Calendar
-Long-Term Project Planning Area
-After-School Planning Space (H)