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Teach Them Diligently Featured New

Author: Leslie Nunnery

Publisher: Master Books

Item #: A146

Pages: 142

Class: Paperback

Price: $17.95

How many generations does it take to lose the culture?
According to the Bible it only takes one.
In her first book, author Leslie Nunnery shines a much-needed light on the struggle many parents are having to pass on a godly legacy to their children. She gets right to a fundamental weakness of Christian parenting in this post-modern era: we have forgotten the importance and the privilege of parenting children today. Nunnery offers highlights from the cautionary tale of the Israelites' poor parenting to illuminate what is happening today in many Christian homes: though God has given us the tools to teach our children, we often fail to use them.
Heidi St. John

Its easy to say we trust Christ for everything, but are we living that truth? Weve been given clear instruction in a powerful promise for parents. God tells us in Deuteronomy to teach our children diligently. This passage and many others give us great insight as to how to do that and enjoy the promised blessing that always accompanies the mandates we are given.

-Learn the practical view of discipleship parenting, what God expects from parents, and how to put these truths into action
-See how parenting with the vision of teaching them diligently will intentionally bear fruit and affect change in your own life as well
-Move beyond giving lip-service to what you believe, and make the conscious choice to rely on the wisdom of Gods holy instruction for your life and parenting.

So, why are we as Christian parents still uncertain? Why do we live in fear? Why are we losing our children in record numbers? What can we do about it?