For Canadian homeschooling families

The Silver Lining: A Practical Guide for Christian Grandmothers New

Author: Nancy Wilson

Publisher: Canon Press

Item #: A225

Level: Adult

Class: Paperback

Price: $20.95

At last, a practical, Christian guide for grandmothers -- and for younger women preparing for that stage of life! Since our culture is in love with immaturity, advice written for "older" women can tend to focus on changes: empty nests, new priorities, grown children getting married, etc. But the Bible tells us to focus on the things that don't change: In all seasons of life, God has good works prepared in advance for us to walk in. And whether you're a young woman, married, unmarried, widowed, middle-aged, or a great-grandma, you never quit exercising that faith in Christ.

Grandkids and getting older, dinners and hospitality, mentorship and being an "in-law" all come with their own stretches of bumpy road, but faith and joy (and a little of Nancy Wilson's practical advice) go a long way. Women travelling through this season should be thinking in terms of family legacy -- and in terms of eternity -- as they seek godly wisdom, great joy, and a silver-haired crown of glory.