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Amazing Stories From Times Past

Author: Christine Farenhorst

Item #: K619

Pages: 141

Class: Softcover

Price: $12.95


Both Christians and unbelievers of the past teach us by their examples. In this second volume especially prepared for family and children's devotions, Christine Farenhorst once again captivates readers with her remarkable and unusual stories from history. Each devotion includes insightful questions that encourage readers to talk about what God has done in their own lives and in the lives of Christians from years gone by.

It is vital for covenant youth and adults to be made aware and reminded of those who have gone on beforewho fought the good fight of faith. Christine Farenhorst shares stories of those who were used of God to further his kingdom in difficult times. Inspirational devotional reading."

John Van Dyk, Christian Renewal Magazine

I want to always be able to talk with my children, but even more I want to be the person, the teacher, they turn to with their questions about God. Thats why I love Christines stories: God is the focal point in every one. Each ends with penetrating discussion questions that will get parent and child talking.

Jon Dykstra, Reformed Perspective

Engages the reader in the real life incidents of Christian believers from the past and into the present. The stories quickly pull the reader in so that the book is hard to put down. Highly recommended!

Mark Vander Hart, Mid-America Reformed Seminary