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Moving On: Beyond Forgive and Forget

Author: Ruth Ann Batstone

Item #: N999h

Pages: 131

Class: Softcover

Price: $19.95

You have been deeply hurt by someone wounded physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually by their actions. How do you move forward and walk out biblical forgiveness? And what makes forgiveness biblical? Ruth Ann Batstone, a child abuse survivor and experienced counselor, has wrestled deeply with these questions and now gives practical, God-honoring direction to others who have been hurt and can t just forgive and forget.

Batstone's Moving On presents a compassionate and nuanced exploration of what forgiveness is and is not. It looks honestly at the realities of deep hurt and offers concrete direction for working through the process of forgiveness. Batstone points readers to Jesus, the man of sorrows and well acquainted with grief, as the one who understands their struggle and is with them each step of the way. His gospel is not a panacea for trouble, but it is the path through trouble as we keep our eyes fixed on him. Batstone doesn't promise that we can forget the evil that has been done, but she does promise that we can grow in faith, hope, and love as we turn to Jesus daily.

The material in Moving On has been taught by the author in small group, Bible study, and conference settings. Moving On includes interactive study questions for each chapter, making the book ideal for group discussions and proactive individual reading and reflection.