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Jesus Loves the Little Children: Why We Baptize Children

Author: Daniel R. Hyde

Item #: K629

Pages: 103

Class: Softcover

Price: $12.95

While a Reformed understanding of God's sovereignty is becoming more acceptable among evangelicals, many people still struggle to accept infant baptism as legitimate practice of the church. Much of this resistance is due to a misunderstanding of the Reformed position, as well as a different perspective on the biblical views of God's covenantal relations with families.

In this book, Daniel R. Hyde provides a helpful assessment of infant baptism, arguing cogently for its validity while remaining sympathetic to skeptical readers.

Table of Contents:

Opening Matters
Defining Our Terms
Circumcision & Baptism
Covenant & Baptism
Baptism or Dedication?
Baptism: Immersion, Pouring, or Sprinkling?
A Brief History of Infant Baptism
A Word to Parents

Appendix 1: Reformed Confessions on Baptism

Appendix 2: Baptism of Infants: Form Number 1