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Beyond Doubt

Author: Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Item #: K616

Pages: 335

Class: Softcover

Price: $25.95

Faith-Building Devotions on Questions Christians Ask

From the pen of award-winning author Cornelius Plantinga Jr. comes this book of flesh-and-blood Christian meditations with a theological spine.Building on the success of two earlier editions and now splendidly updated, Beyond Doubt unpacks the deep truths of the Christian faith by raising basic questions like these:

-What is God like?
-Why pray?
-Male and female -- how are we related?
-What is Jesus doing?
-What is the shape of the godly life?
-If the Lord is with us, why do we suffer?
-How do we face death?

Plantinga addresses such questions through short, vivid meditations, each of which begins with a Bible verse and ends with a brief edifying prayer.Written in the graceful, polished prose that Plantinga is celebrated for, Beyond Doubt will help both new Christians and mature believers to grow in their faith.